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A simple, fast and effective e-commerce solution for your business.

You tell us what you want to sell. We set up the rest.
Our tool allows you to create your own online store (1) in a matter of seconds, (2) FREE of charge, (3) add to your existing website or start from scratch with our templates, and lastly (4) do it all without needing to have ANY website coding/development/technical knowledge.

Get your store set up in a matter of seconds - without losing your unique essence.

Turnkey Online store

QuickCart functionality seamlessly connects with your existing website should you have one (i.e. we play nicely with the likes of Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace and 99% of others). If you don’t have an existing website, feel free to utilize one of our award-winning free themes to add a homepage to your brand new store (or contact us for paid customisation).

Built-in Shipping automation

We automatically set up your online store with our courier partner system which handles all aspects of pick-up and delivery to your customers.

No up-front costs

Your online store is entirely free-of-charge to create. We only charge a % fee per transaction as part of our Payment Gateway partner system mentioned below. We therefore only make money when you make money.

Secure payments with our Built-in Payment Gateway partner system

We automatically set up your turnkey online store with our highly trusted payment gateway partner system which ensures safe and secure payments for your customers.

Advertise on social media

A proud and certified Facebook & Instagram paid advertising partner - with QuickCart you can instantly and directly promote your products/services across social media platforms, utilizing the strategic expertise and analytical skills of IMM, with the click of a button.

Assist you in selling on Takealot & Amazon (when available) for a monthly fee

Want to expand your business into not only selling via your own online store but also through Takealot? We charge a monthly handling fee for this service.

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Hear what others have to say about using QuickCart

“QuickCart has been a revelation for our business! We are able to focus on our products and our customers, knowing that our store takes care of itself.”
Nono A.
“It’s just so easy. I’d heard about QuickCart from a friend of mine who mentioned the ease of setting up and managing your own online store and they couldn’t have been more right. I won’t go back.”
Josh M.
“I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to sell their products online. What a breeze.”
Sipho N.
“I have no technical knowledge when it comes to online selling. At first I was scared of setting up an online store but QuickCart has truly made it so straightforward in every way. Thank you.”
Anne J.


Build your store online with confidence

User friendly interface helps you set up your products faster

Our easy-to-understand interface provides the ability to create, manage, edit and control your online store, effortlessly. Try it for yourself.

Increase your profit in a few simple steps

QuickCart allows you as a business owner to take control over marketing your products online. We have built-in functionality that allows you to choose products to market through social media, on the fly. We are proud, certified partners of Facebook & Instagram Marketing.

We built QuickCart for entrepreneurs and businesses just like you.

We are truly grateful for all of the forward-thinking businesses & entrepreneurs that have chosen to utilise QuickCart. We want you to keep spending your time on what you do best.


Simplicity without sacrifice


Any questions?

Do you really not have any hidden once-off or monthly fees to set up an online store?
Yes. We only charge a fee per transaction.
How flexible is my online store?
Seamlessly add your new QuickCart online store/shop page to your existing website, or create your own home page with either our several basic themes. Need something more customised? We have you covered there too: We can build something truly unique to your preferences, contact us here.
Who handles the payments for the delivery?
QuickCart handles the payment of the courier for all standard deliveries. Please note that any differences between actual courier charge and amount paid by the customer are for the store owner's account.
Who is responsible for selling your products?
QuickCart is a tool to set up your online store. You are responsible for your trading activity.
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